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morning. we have one accident to tell you about that's going to be in lincecum. nursery road at hampton road, police are in the area. traffic looking good on the beltway. very light volume. on the northwest side at old court road. no problems as you head towards i-70 interchange. checking your drive times, so far, so good. five minutes to the beltway. very topside of the outer loop, it will be one minute. no problems as you head southbound. four minutes from the beltway. jamie, back to you. >> it's 5:00. democracy 2010, we know the running mate now and we know how intense the campaign will be for governor. we are learning more about the woman that bob ehrlich selected as his running mate. linda so has more on mary kane. >> she served as ehrlich's secretary of state when he was goff and now the two are looking to take back annapolis. >> mary kane.
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>> thank you, bob. thank you very much. i'm looking forward to this campaign and i'm looking forward to working with you in the state house again and changing maryland for the better. >> i'm first generation in this country. my parents came over from ireland in the 1950s and they had nothing. my father had $10 in his pocket. got married at ages 24 and moved to maryland and lived there and started having a family. a working mother. we started going down the wrong path right away. we need to pull back on that and bob ehrlich is the right person, with his idea of taking back that sales tax increase, for making maryland open for business again, for putting marylanders back to work. >> o'malley's campaign released a statement welcoming her to the race. this election will ultimately be about which candidate puts the interest of maryland's working families ahead of special interest and who is on
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the side of working families. ehrlich will appear with kane this morning, then at 2:00 will visit a charter school together in baltimore. george owings has withdrawn from the race because he is recovering from surgery. owings posted his announcement last night. his doctor said his surgeon told him a full recovery will take three months. for the latest, log on to our website, it's 5:02 right now. some unusual burglaries around the area. tens and thousands of dollars worth of youth football equipment has been taken in cockeysville. coaches and students are scrambling to get ready for the upcoming season. >> i couldn't imagine someone would actually do that. >> in cockeysville, they took
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tackling dummies, and almost every pair of shoulder pads, too. most of them had been replaced. they took the league's new five man tackling sled, leaving behind an old two-man version. cockeysville isn't the only program that has been targeted. fern dale in anne arundel county -- police have no suspects at this time. it's 5:03. police in baltimore county say a detainee was shot after he tried to run away from his work detail in jail. it happened yesterday afternoon. we're told that the detainee was hit twice in the leg and officials say he was not wearing leg irons because the man was on home confinement, which doesn't typically require them to be restrained. and track is making changes. the company will take all
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amtrak police cars. they will be stocked with water and a backup train ready to go in case of a regular one breaking down and a rescue team will be mobilized immediately after a problem is reported, if a train breaks down. marc will cancel the next train and use that as a rescue train. amtrak pledges to make sure passengers on stranded trains stay informed about what is happening during the problem. it's 5:04 and starting today, you'll pay more for that bronze glow of yours. the indoor tanning industry estimates some 30 million people tan indoors annually. >> today you'll get a bert idea for this year's abc's extreme makeover home edition. it put families in homes for the last seven seasons. abc2 news is here with what's going to happen. she joins us now live in the
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studio. sherrie. >> if you've ever wanted to be a part of building a home for someone in need, now is your chance. there's a pep rally for people wanting to be a part of a july makeover for abc's extreme makeover home edition. >> renee, alex, come on out. good morning. >> and community oriented project and today you can come out and see what this hit show is really about, which is people coming together to change lives. in october 2007, abc2 news profiled the family. extreme makeover built a remarkable new home for luther and her two kids. this rally will provide those interested in volunteering or donating. an opportunity on how they can help. the team will review specifics, as well as answer any questionings that you might
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have. it kicks off this weekend. now there's all kinds of ways you can volunteer your help. they need painters, plumbers, food servers, and cleanup workers. organizers need donations to help feed and hydrate people working on that home. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >> you're going out there at 7:00. all right. now wasn't this fun to watch last night? the orioles made it swivel head night, because they were always looking at the head going over the fence. miguel tejada, look at this. luke scott pulled a hamstring, he hobbled to home plate. ty also hit a home run. now what's different about this, megan, that's the first home run by an oriole first baseman this year. >> really? >> yes. so luke and the hamstring will be on the dl. they are bringing back felix. they are on the hill tonight at
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7:05. randall -- if you met randall cunningham, what a great guy, but tragedy for this former ravens quarterback. >> and the son has passed away this morning. we'll hear from police to hear what they say happened. the danger is not over. let's check in with justin burke about our own weather. >> we'll check in with alex and see what the stats are on the storm coming up in a moment. for now, let's take a look outside. what a beautiful day here in baltimore. 47% humidity. northwest wind and temperatures in the 50s in some spots outside the beltway. more on our weekend outlook coming up. now, 5:07. >> you'll find the number 21 bus working with a diversion at reid and construction. you'll find the number 5 diverted at chase and aiden, the 13 at washington and
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hurricane alex has weakened to a category 1 storm. texas has been spared a direct hit, but there's a threat there of tornadoes and flooding. in northern mexico, hurricane
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alex has left flooded streets, ripped off roofs. right now there's no word on any injuries. now, the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate and maryland's most powerful doppler radar. >> 5:10, we'll have a closeup and an update on alex. we take a look at yesterday's weather here in baltimore. we finally drop that humidity and dropped our temperature to 83 in baltimore. 75 in easten. 78 york, pa. look at oakland, almost chilly. even with plenty of sunshine. 64 degrees their high temperature up in the high terrain. we are currently sitting in the mid 60s around central maryland. that's good stuff. a few clouds mixed in this morning. we will have another mostly sunny day. we are aiming for an afternoon temperature of 80 degrees. that's our 2-degree guarantee for baltimore, which keeps 70s in the offering for many places outside the beltway. at 5:11, let's see what's happening on the roads.
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>> the earlier accident in lincecum is already gone. you can see some crews on the road near frederick road and melvin avenue for on going utility work. as we take a peek at our drive times, only 5 minutes from bell air to providence road. 3 minutes from white marsh boulevard towards 695. and between the 83, no delays at this time. we look at our cameras, traffic looking well here, this is at the beltway, moving good. this is near the topside. as we look around, no problems as you head towards i-70. outer loop lanes looking wide open as you head towards i-95. back to you. >> bringing america's favorite past time back to 33rd street. >> and how they are building a brighter future for local kids. we have that. they are going to do it through sports. >> and a tasteful greeting card, a new feature to sink
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like what you get from centrum ultra women's,
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the most complete multitamin for womeitamin d,h erg, and calcium for bone health. rum ultra women's. a quarter after 5:00 right now. it's never too soon to learn how to be a team player. >> ready? all right. >> grace greyson is learning
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there's no i in team. it's a program for kids 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 years old run by the local ymca. >> it's not high pressure. it's not that we are looking for him to be a sports superstar. we want him to have a chance to interact with other kids. glu huh. >> grey son and his friends are learning social skills and skills like sharing and patience. they are tuning their hand eye coordination and gaining confidence, too. baseball and football returning to memorial stadium. cal ripken jr. and his brother, bill, helped break ground. the goal is to turn the neglected field on 33rd street into a safe place for kids to play all sports. >> we aren't trying to build major league baseball players. we are trying to give kids a
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chance. look down at what we are sitting on right now. this is a lot of the fields that kids have to play on. i wouldn't want to come play on this. >> billy, i tell you what, he's a stud at the mlb network. he's a star. the original home plate will be the center piece of the park. it will be used for baseball and football and should be opened by the end of october. brooksy was out there. be sure to tune into good morning maryland here at 9:00. cal ripken will be live talking with us about his charity and baseball. cal on good morning maryland at 9:00. now the forecast certified by weather rate and maryland's most powerful doppler radar. >> second half of the year. we already got half way through. 86 degrees should do it this afternoon. that should do it. we won't get there. we'll stay below normal. record on this day goes from 50
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on 1988. sun comes up at 5:44. down at 8:37 and a day that starts with pretty nice air. 65 officially in baltimore. low 60s and 50s outside the beltway and we have some 40s, pittsburgh starting at 49 degrees. how about that? good air quality, code green across the board. that is good news. not much to talk about in that department and we have the front pushing itself off the coast. carolina outer banks, we get that fresh breeze out of the north. we'll talk about hurricane alex. yeah made land fall last night around 9:00 and still holding hurricane status. very distinct eye wrapping around the center here as we are watching 80-mile per hour winds, moving to the west at 10 miles per hour going inland into the mountains of mexico, while heavy rain fall across the entire gulf coast with a southeasterly breeze. alex itself is expected to be downgraded to a tropical storm
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later this morning and dump all its rain into the regions of mexico. that could lead to major mud slides and flooding. otherwise for us, we have ourselves a quiet weather pattern. 80 today. that's our 2-degree guarantee, with clouds east and south, close to that frontal boundary. we'll drop to 55. low 50s or 40s well northwest, near 60 by the bay. that leads to a beautiful start tomorrow as we aim for our two degree guaranteed high on friday. we'll warm up quite a bit over the holiday weekend and check on that forecast in just a bit. right now, 5:19, here is kim brown with traffic. >> if you are traveling towards the dc, metro area this morning, you'll find all lanes open. no problems on route 29, as you make your way through howard and montgomery county. traffic looking really good around our area. left hand side of your screen -- headed towards the beltway is all clear from middletown road down to 695. as we peek at our drive times,
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wide open from route 140 to owings mills boulevard. as you make your way towards the beltway, only 4 minutes so far. megan, back to you. thank you. 20 minutes after 5:00 right now. when is the last time you sent a greeting card? >> just last week. no, a couple days ago. >> oh, okay. >> greeting cards, if you haven't noticed are getting fancy. they pop up, they play music and now they are getting tasty. >> american greetings is launching a new line of cards, dissolveable flavor strips. even a margarita. >> that's so gross. >> not bad. just like chocolate. >> i can taste a little bit of vanilla frosting with sprinkles and a regular donut. it tastes really good. >> mine always tastes like chicken. here's chicken. the company says you can find these edible cards at most places where american greeting cards are sold or the nearby
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deli. >> i hope they are in some sort of protective packaging. not everybody picked it up and opened it. the twilight saga eclipse taking the nation by storm. bringing in $30 million in just three hours. it hit theaters wednesday, eclipse now holds the opening record knocking the predecessor, new moon from the top spot. >> all right. more trouble this morning for toyota. >> could another recall be on the horizon? the latest problem and which vehicles are now involved. abc2 works for the community. a proud partner with hipodrone theater, baltimore. former president jefferson. kraft homestyle mac and cheese?
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now the forecast certified for weather rate or maryland's most powerful doppler radar. >> 5:23, we have ourselves a nice stretch of weather continuing for a stretch of days. we are expecting to have ourselves conditions that will bring us highs around 80 degrees today, just downright nice. it's going to turn into the 50s as we head through tonight and are expecting to have ourselves temperatures that will slow back up. we are expecting that temperature and there is our board. we are expecting temperatures to go into the upper 80s to mid 90s, including the fourth of july holiday. highs in the mid 90s. we stay dry the entire period. 5:24, let's go up to new york and get this morning's tech bites. >> in today's tech bites,
5:25 am
google adds a personal touch. the search giant unveiled new tools for google news that allow readers to tailor the page. readers can highlight broad topics, or choose specific subjects, like tom cruise. another edition makes it easier to share stories. facebook is rolling out a new feature to protect its members privacy applications and outside websites must tell users exactly what parts of their profiles they have to use. photos, friends birthdays or e- mail address. users can choose to share that information or just not use the application. >> amazon released a new version of its kindle. it is cheaper than the previous model, dropping $110 to $379. the announcement comes a couple of days after amazon releases an app for android phones.
5:26 am
the "new york times" says amazon is not putting all its eggs in one basket. >> they are aware that certain people will want to read books on those devices, but in addition, most people have cell phones and other reading devices and if amazon wants to sell them books, they have to offer applications that allow people to read and buy books on those devices. >> finally, if you're an antenna engineer, apple may have a job for you. the company is hiring engineers. this wouldn't be a big deal if not for the embarrassing reception problems. apple appears to be looking for a real solution instead of telling people not to hold their phones in a certain way. for information on all these stories, log on to the technology page of those are your tech bites, i'm jeremy hubbard.
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this morning's tech bites brought to you by lipatore.
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now, good morning maryland. >> alex's rain and wind kept oil cleaners outside and it's going to be several more weeks before the oil leak is plugged. >> and because of the oil spill, some dog owners can't afford to keep their pets, so they are sending us their puppies. >> and hurricane alex rumbled through northeast mexico, but texas got a glancing blow. tell you what, if your basement -- that's not a glancing blow if your basement is filled with water. good morning maryland, i'm jamie costello. >> and i'm megan pringle. >> i told the family, this is one of -- i went on with my sentence and they broke the sentence down. they said i

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